Monday, January 30, 2012

A Spring Day in Winter

So today was warm. 
Like unseasonably-60-degrees-is-it-spring warm.
I'm not a fan, therefore I decided to dress like it was cold out!

Dress: Chan Luu, Scarf: Express, Tights: ???

 I would just like to say, I'm in love with these boots.  I know the picture isn't that great, but they're AMAZING! And comfortable, which is always nice

Shoes: Report

 This dress is one of my favorites too.  I bought it a few years ago, but didn't really wear it after I got it, which was crazy of me.  It's seriously so comfortable and makes my legs look way awesome.  It also has some cool jewel detailing that's hidden by the scarf which just helps make it more versatile!  I'm a sucker for anything I can wear more than one way!

On a very, very side note, I'm thinking about getting bangs. Anyone have any thoughts as to yea or nay?  I'm thinking longer, more side-swept bangs than short blunt ones. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! 

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