Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remembering 60 Years

Sixty years ago today two crazy high school sweet-hearts got married and began a journey that took them to England, gave them four kids, and a multitude of family trips to Civil War sites.

These two people were my grandparents.
Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away this summer and was not able to celebrate with the rest of us this amazing accomplishment.

My mom, grandma, and grandpa

In order to honor their anniversary, my grandpa would buy my grandma a rose for every year they were married and have it delivered to.
This year, we decided to have family members release balloons and send pictures to my grandma.  There have only been a few posted to facebook so far (the only place I can get them), but I know there have been more!

Release from Southport, IN
Release from my grandma's house
The Boy and I at our release
Release from Evansville, IN

I dearly miss my grandpa and this was the perfect way to remember the life he and my grandma shared