Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Long Night

Whelp. I stayed up again all night again.
Yah. This is what sexy looks like at 6 am

Staying up all night doesn't mean you can't put on real people clothes though!  That, and I had a presentation and had to look like a human being
(Cardigan and Boots: Old Navy, Scarf: Express, Tank: Green Dragon, Skirt: Fashionista)

One thing I've learned from living in the dorms is that my stuff will forever be wrinkled.  This is usually because I am a lazy bum and don't hang things up right away, but also it costs $2.50 to do one load of laundry so I usually wear things a few times.
It's really not as gross as it sounds... I promise!

Glitter boots in action!

Things I learned today:
1. Rain three days in a row is no fun, especially when campus is flooded
2. Neverland on SyFy is a decent miniseries!
3. It's a bad idea to not have a case on your phone and drop it

Ah well, at least I got some sleep last night!

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  1. Love the glitter on the back of your boots, makes them extra special.

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